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Free Online Listing Drugstores in Patna

Free Online Listing Drugstores in Patna

Free Online Listing Drugstores in Patna

List of Pharmacies, Chemists, Drugstores in Patna

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Pharmaceutical Stores in Patna

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Patna being the capital city of Bihar, is dotted with chemists shops all over the city. Most of the Pharmaceutical stores are located near the nursing homes and hospitals so that one can find the prescribed medicines in these chemist shops. Some of the chemist shops are in far flung areas and residential colonies as well to serve people in time of emergency. Apart from these some of these pharmaceutical stores operate 24×7 and provides medicines for Covid 19 affected patients. Also devices like Pulse Oximeters, Digital Thermometers, Masks, Hand Sanitizers can be found. Following are the chemist shops in Patna .



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